Total biology is a science which identifies human, their illnesses and their behaviors to a whole that goes beyond simple symptomatology. The concept brings together the knowledge of several scientific disciplines and the observation of humans, plants, animals and humans, through the evolution of life on the planet.

Understanding of disease in terms of perfect solution from the brain for the sake of the survival of the species, of the clan and the individual, allows us to achieve healing using perfect biological laws that until recently we were unknown.

Total biology is a collection of extraordinary discoveries which, together, give humanity a new evolutionary dimension.

Is the meeting of various scientific concepts that allows us to understand the emotional mechanics that gives rise to illnesses and behaviors. The simplicity and precision with which the biological brain acts in order to achieve its unique objective, to keep us alive in the next instant, explains the occurrence of unusual biological responses, which we usually call "diseases" or "diseases" in all cases. Nothing in nature escapes to biological laws and much less disease. They are all perfect survival programs perfectly orchestrated and defined by the brain.

If we take into account the amount of living beings who rarely get sick while humans collect diseases of all kinds, it is easy to understand what sets us apart from other living beings must be at the origin of them. Of course, an external intoxication will produce a biological conflict pure, such as ingesting poison, eating too much or lack of food, or the lack of fluid or excess heat or cold. But a psychological conflict will explain the vast majority of the biological conflicts.

The reason for this situation is the automation of reflexes of survival of our brains that analyzes all data that receives from the body, either through the senses, of wireless sensors and, unlike the rest of the beasts, their analytical thinking. For the automatic brain, having the stomach obstructed by a too large and difficult to digest food bowl is a fact that receives from sensors of the stomach cells. The solution is to produce cells of high performance in the production of hydrochloric acid to digest what obstructs and endangers the life of the living being. This group of cells is called in medicine "cancer" and treated as a natural anarchy.

Total biology shows that not only is not anarchy but is also an extraordinary precision.

The automatic brain doesn't think, only collects and analyzes data with which will generate special survivorship programs if necessary. For him, it is the same as your stomach cells sensors tell you: "I can not Digest" to do mind when a situation of strong stress that exceeds the level of tolerance to stress is experienced with the following rational interpretation: "no I can digest... what I did". The brain automatically, send the order to build the biological solution of survival to the "not I can digest", i.e., adenocarcinoma.

Any disease is anarchistic, all have precise origins and although those sources are not always obvious and easy to find, always respond to a conflictive tone based on the experience that will yield to this conflict.

While creating that diseases are curses, they will remain so. When we understand that they are just biological programs that can be disabled, much less enfermaremos.

Man has studied human evolution in a comprehensive manner where species are concerned. We are a kind animal, territorial like many other members of the nature, although we possess characteristics different from others. To see the different transformations that operate in the human fetus in formation, with several pairs of nipples at times, gills, a tail, it can assert that Darwin was right in his theory.

That theory of evolution, like any other that seeks to define the appearance and the mutations of the species, comes from an obvious biological law, although it was the proposal of Total biology to understand it: all in the operation of the species, and especially Central commands of each individual of each species, responds to the need of survival.

We can speculating about the importance of our mind in the domain of biological adversities, their influence on the improvement of our life expectancy, but our biological brain deals with our much better than our thinking mind survival.

Simple biological evolution only refers to the be-body. Having guided only by her, has led us to believe that we are just that and that everything that happens in our body - called disease - is an anarchic performance against which must be combated the symptoms. For Western medicine are just that: a body that undergoes transformations.

Through Total biology, were able to understand the importance of evolution entirely biological: body, mind, and brain auto. The interrelation of these three components shows us that any operation on living beings is anarchic and much less disease. All respond, repeat, a biological logic of survival.

, We can say that the total evolution of living beings also includes your spiritual evolution, but out of respect for all beliefs, we will not analyze this more than remember that everything that is up is down.

Certainly science advancing at a reasonable speed (the speed of reason, precisely) and is for this reason that such sudden changes in the understanding of the biological functioning of the species must wait until the reason, often obscured by issues that have nothing to do with investigative, terminated by surrender to the infallible evidence of laws that do not respond to human theories but to strictly biological principles.

When Ptolemy said that the universe revolved around our planet did modeled after scientific verification. Scientifically, he was right. But that did not make the planet stopped its convolution around the Sun. Not only your checking was not correct but that was exactly the opposite of the reality. That is what happens at the beginning of the third millennium: realities diametrically opposed to scientific truth. We will see this time if the science to make the same ridiculous as in the time of Galileo. Emotional mechanics principles Evolutiva® that represents the history of humanity as a simple sophistication of generating experiences of the same individual and collective emotions, is inevitable so.